2016 MACE Excellence Awards: Preparing for Excellence Guide

As a follow-up to the email sent to you on 19 May 2016, in which the Call for Entries to the brand-new, internationally-benchmarked 2016 MACE Excellence Awards Programme was announced, the MACE Board is proud to share with you Preparing for Excellence – Your guide to create your entry for the MACE Excellence Awards Programme.

The Call for Entries contains all the details on what is expected of you to enter, while the Preparing for Excellence guide provides step-by-step guidance on how to enter.

As this is a new process, there might still be questions. We will not be answering individual questions, but kindly request you to email your questions to jandreb@bolandcollege.com no later than 27 June 2016. Following that, Frequently Asked Questions will be compiled and sent to you via email by mid July 2016 and it will also be available on the MACE website from this date.

Please take note that the generous deadlines in the Call for Entries are not negotiable, because we are transferring the time buffer to entrants, which leaves a very tight schedule for the evaluation process.

We look forward to the quality of work our colleagues enter.

Good luck and see you at the Excellence Awards ceremony in Cape Town on 24 November 2016!

Download the Call for entries

Download the Preparing for Excellence guide

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